Photo Credit: Niv Shyamsundar

Abstract Water Colors

Vidya Shyamsundar

Mixed Media Artist

Mandalas & Landscapes

Often, we desire moments of solace in our everyday lives. 


My symbolic mandalas and imaginary landscapes offer a momentary retreat, revealing a path to connect with our inner selves. 

Welcome to Vidya Shyamsundar Art!

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Mandala making is  a sacred ritual symbolizing the impermanence of human existence. Drawing and painting a mandala brings back vivid recollections of my mother effortlessly creating stunning mandalas before dawn on our porch every day in my home country of India.  Painting a mandala gives me a feeling of belonging and identity, a practice that makes me feel closer to my home. Here, in my home studio in Pennsylvania, I use a tiny paint brush to make colorful, intricate symmetrical mandala patterns with lines, loops, and curves -- working organically from the center outwards. Through symbolism and motifs, a message continues to resonate: Nothing in life is permanent. We learn to move forward in our lives, chasing our dreams and holding on to the power of faith. 

Faded Shapes


When painting a landscape, I allow myself to wander into an imaginary universe where elements of both abstraction and realism intertwine. In a paradise of color splashes and peculiar shapes, I become a fearless child with no boundary to my curiosity. Visualizing and painting this world gives me the comfort of connecting my inner self with the spirits of loved ones, now passed, who cared for me in my youth. This temporary refuge helps me find solace and nourishes my soul; a way to reconnect with my past in the present through a magical realm of mystery. 


Photo Credit: Niv Shyamsundar


Blank Paper

Hi Vidya,

We received your painting!  We love it.  It's already hanging in a spot where we can see it often.  My husband saw your work a few years ago on the Chester County Studio Tour.  He checks your website periodically, because we have been wanting one of your paintings.  We are so glad to have one now.

Julie, PA

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Hi Vidya,

The small painting that I purchased from you was for a fellow artist who has been put in assisted living and has no art in his small room. Well, for work purchased directly from an artist, I must say, you join a noted Irish artist in having the most professional packaging and enclosed communication pieces. It was so clear that everything was packed with love.

Kudos to you!

Alex, VA

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Hi Vidya,

I just got home from work and unwrapped your beautiful painting. It's even better in person.! I appreciate you taking the time to drop it off at my house. Have a wonderful holiday!

Michelle, PA


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I hope you will consider joining me as my journey progresses...

I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them

- Pablo Picasso