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New Studies

As the seeds of my ideas germinate, I experiment with mixed materials and paint palettes, allowing the process to unfold without a predetermined goal. I listen to internal whispers guiding my instincts, avoiding overthinking. Granting myself the time to discern cues shaping my narrative, I create a series of studies once a clear vision emerges.

List of Materials Used:

Paint: Golden acrylics

Paper: Vintage paper, sewing paper, gel prints, Papersource decorative crafting paper

Mixed Media: Gesso, metal gold leaf, thread, image transfer 

Mark-Making: Handwritten words, fingerprints, and scratchy marks on cardstock, scribbles using crayons, graphite, colored pencils, and a micron pen (for figure and mandala drawings)

A few quick drawing studies using an HB2 pencil convey a yearning to discover inner calm and peace.

composition study
composition study
composition study

A quick sketch of goddesses using a micron pen, arranged with decorative crafting, scrapbooking, vintage, and paste papers.


Despite wearing the T-shirt countless times, its design caught my eye one day while I was getting ready to take my daughter to her dental appointment. I pulled out my iPhone in the waiting room and started sketching shapes on the Notes app. When I returned home, that spontaneous inspiration translated into fifty mini-composition ideas in my sketchbook journal. The genesis of creative ideas may be mysterious, but the compelling urge to materialize them led to the creation of my first set of studies.

Study 1: Experimenting with color, style, and composition 

5" h x 7" w on a Medium Density Board, 2023

I love the use of colors. Perhaps my sense of knowing about working with colors came from the prominence of vibrant and diverse colors in Indian culture, from clothing to art to festivals and traditions. However, understanding the intricacies of creating a composition has posed a challenge. Also, trusting my voice and unveiling my deeper connection to the art of mandalas required a journey through my belief system.

This study became a pivotal exploration, merging composition with elements like shapes, lines, and forms and experimenting with color palettes, collage papers, and gel prints. It became more than a study; it's become an odyssey to harmonize my artistic identity.

Study 2: Childhood Nostalgia

Mixed Media on Medium Density Board, 5" h x 7" w, 2023

Driven by an urge to paint from my imagination and childhood memories, I applied a thin layer of Joint Compound, allowing it to dry before outlining figures with a palette knife. Marked with charcoal and graphite pencils, layered with gesso, paint, and gel prints, these pieces conveyed narratives of relationships, resilience, and hope, teaching me that inner peace is a continuous journey achievable through mindfulness in everyday life.

Study 3: Symbolisms & Connections

India Ink on Mixed Media Paper, 3" h x 3" w, 2023

Embracing the belief in a higher power and acknowledging the limitations of our understanding, I see our curiosity as a journey, a pursuit of answers to the questions that linger.


Every culture holds a rich tapestry of symbolism rooted in its heritage. In my exploration, I intend to delve into the symbols and their connections, drawing inspiration from my family traditions, cultural background, and personal perceptions and experiences.

What's next? 

These studies have given me a sense of direction and a vision to embark on a new body of work. I eagerly anticipate the unfolding of my stories and the creative journey ahead.

It's time to paint!

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