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Vidya Shyamsundar


Vidya Shyamsundar, a self-taught artist and educator, was born and raised in southern India and has called the United States home for over two decades. Currently based in Downingtown, PA, she operates from her at-home art studio.


Vidya's artistic process involves creating mixed media mandalas on wooden boards, layering collage, paint, mark-making, textures, words, and symbolism; this process facilitates contemplation, guides her through daily chaos, explores childhood memories, and provides solace and inner calm.

In a world dominated by distractions, technology dependence, and diverse familial and community roles, Vidya emphasizes the need for retreat in today's fast-paced lifestyle, often driven by the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). She believes that nurturing ourselves is essential for hope and healing.

Vidya showcases her work in art galleries and open studio tours, conducts retreat-style art classes at Yoga studios and local art centers, and organizes private art retreats. Additionally, she specializes in painting mandala art murals and taking on commissioned works. Vidya's artistic journey includes being featured on WHYY-PBS Kids' new television series, Albie's Elevator Box Town episode, which aired in the summer of 2023.

Beyond her creative endeavors, Vidya finds joy in organizing, decorating, learning Sanskrit, listening to art podcasts, and exploring nature through walks and hikes. With a background in Economics and Finance, she transitioned to being a stay-at-home dedicating herself to creating and exhibiting art since 2015.

For Vidya, her creative journey is more than art; it's a guide for self-discovery fueled by an intent to explore and understand. Acknowledging life as a mystery, she embraces the ongoing pursuit of self-knowledge.

A place where inspiration, creativity, and I find each other!


Art-making commences with curiosity—captivated by colors, patterns, or textures in everyday surroundings. Whether it's cracked walls, nature's wonders, or inspiration from artists, I seize these moments, capturing them through pictures, sketches, or written notes. These cues ignite a prolonged interest.

In the quiet of creation, I find temporary peace, grateful for the journey that has made me a better artist today. Yet, as artists, we are never truly 'there,' are we?"

Behind the Studio Scene

Every painting I have created since my first art class in 2013 has been a part of me. Despite the cycles of self-doubt and limited beliefs about my work, I find creating art fascinating. Our life is a collection of short stories linked to each other, and I enjoy revisiting them to identify my common thread. Over time, I have realized that creating art involves more than just belief; it's about knowing. It is a journey of self-discovery, leading to personal transformation and growth in both my art and life.

My Short Stories: Art + Life

Painting a mandala gives me a feeling of belonging and identity,  a practice that makes me feel closer to my home. It is a pathway to reunite with my childhood and pay homage to my ancestors.


Layered with vibrant colors, textures, and symbolisms, I paint mandalas that reflect imprints of the centuries-old South Indian meditative art called Kōlam with distinct intricacy, precision, and symmetry. 

My upbringing in a devout family allowed me to understand the significance of family rituals, the power of prayer and spirituality, and the value of community connections.


The meditative process of painting a mandala helps me nourish my soul, find solace, and experience inner peace. It creates an avenue to tap into mindfulness and spirituality amid chaos in my daily life.

A message continues to resonate: Nothing in life is permanent. We learn to move forward, chasing our dreams by believing in ourselves. I pick up my paintbrush and continue to paint to reunite…

Mandalas & Mindfulness
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