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Painting 4: Work In Progress

In my recent series of 20”x 20” paintings, each piece unfolded organically, leading me to visualize and convey narratives intertwined with personal symbolism. With each painting, a sense of fulfillment grew, and as I neared completion, new concepts emerged, propelling me forward.


With this particular piece, the composition and narrative evolved concurrently, immersing me in a journey back to my childhood amidst the energy of my hometown and the presence of cherished souls.


I look forward to unveiling new doors of mystery! 


Painting 3: Work In Progress

The seed for Painting #3 stemmed from the collaborative event, The Embrace of the Divine Feminine, in Fall 2023, where I engaged with my Sanskrit Guru and patron at Yoga Secrets. Following this, the image of the goddess, which I had photocopied from an art history book, manifested as an image transfer in my sketchbook journal early this year. Without hesitation, I incorporated this image into the painting, allowing the narrative to unfold naturally.


Although titles typically emerge during my painting process, I was certain of the title for this piece from the outset. I named it “She Who Rules,” signifying the goddess Āņțāļ, the ninth-century medieval Tamil saint who embodies the Earth Goddess. The legendary origin of the South Indian mandala tradition, Kōlam, can be traced back to Āņțāļ, who initiated the profound essence of Kōlam—ritual acts of love that create fields of forgiveness.


In the video, you will also witness my creation of gelli prints using leftover paints on my palette. I employ vintage collage papers, gelli prints, and paint to construct layers while utilizing the glazing technique to achieve a uniformly neutral tone partially on the piece.


Painting 2: Work In Progress

After building multiple layers of collage and paint on my wooden board, I tried making marks using both hands, which I found fun and playful.


I collaged scraps of my gel prints, sanded them, and layered them with paint.


I wanted to transfer the image of one of my old paisley drawings. I made a laser print copy of the drawing. I was skeptical about the image transfer because I thought the layers underneath would peel off when I scraped the image off after drying it. However, I decided to try it since the joy of the painting process is embracing experimentation. It worked!


I drew my mandala circles. Figures began to emerge. I applied a layer of Joint Compound over them. After it dried, I lightly sanded over,  worked with paint, and drew my mandala motifs. 


I did not worry about the placement of the figures. I went with my gut, thinking everything would eventually fall into place.

P.S. Please bear with my music choice; the iMovie app has a very limited playlist choice;


Painting 1: Work In Progress


I started by noting down materials, tools, and colors in my journal


My wooden board, layered with paint and collage, underwent sanding.


Ready to paint, I chose a background color palette: Titanium White, Naples Yellow Hue, Graphite, and Neutral Grey. While experimenting, I discovered that mixing Titanium White and Primary Cyan produced a luscious Light Phthalo Blue. 


Using various tools, I created texture, made marks with graphite pencil and Posca pen, collaged gel prints, and applied a layer of Joint Compound, my new mixed media exploration. 


I transliterated a Sanskrit Prayer, anticipating its reappearance in my painting.


I recently encountered the concept of "Intuitive Realism," a creative process in which realistic elements emerge without any predetermined plan or reference after the background is down, prompting the artist to search for clues that establish connections.


 I realized I had unwittingly embraced this approach in my recent Childhood Nostalgia studies.


The evolving painting revealed an abstract figure from scraps of gel prints, guiding the narrative.


Outlining my mandala, I eagerly anticipate the next step. Painting it facilitates contemplation, helping me connect the dots in my narrative.

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