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Light of Gold 

India's rich tapestry of bright colors, intricate hand-woven textiles, and the vibrancy of gold as a material and 

spiritual symbol captivates me.

My hometown, Kerala, is known for its rustic beauty and peaceful temple surroundings. Locals and tourists seek blessings from the temple elephant as it gently presses its pink snout dripped with saliva at the end of its trunk when they bow their heads down. People view an elephant as a sacred animal of fortune and good luck and a living incarnation of Ganesh - a Hindu deity with an elephant head and a human body known as an obstacle remover. One of my childhood friends introduced me to Ganesh in third grade. I cherish the times we hung out and played around the temple vicinity, telling stories and praying naively to make our wishes come true. 

Light symbolizes hope spiritually, while the radiant energy of gold signifies healing, growth, and knowledge. Elephants, as spirit animals, embody fortune, wisdom, and strength. Mandalas, in turn, represent beauty, wellness, and hospitality.

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