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Painting Process
Painting Process

Art-making commences with curiosity—captivated by colors, patterns, or textures in everyday surroundings. Whether it's cracked walls, nature's wonders, or inspiration from artists, I seize these moments, capturing them through pictures, sketches, or written notes. These cues ignite a prolonged interest.

Allowing ideas to brew, I embark on explorations without specific intentions—color studies, gel prints, collages, mark-making, or simply jotting down feelings. This frictionless flow evolves into preparatory studies, where connections solidify and narratives shape.

Contemplating colors, materials, and shapes, particularly drawn to the calmness of squares and circles, I paint from memory and imagination. Emotions unfold as layers build and recede on cradled wood boards. The tactile experience, enhanced by sanding, reveals the raw beauty of memories.

Staring at random shapes, I wait for them to speak, sometimes liberating energy with a paintbrush. Visualizing the composition, I embrace the randomness in the initial layers, working through internal chaos. I paint my stories, often revealing titles midway.

A teeny-tiny paintbrush brings me to mandalas, where symmetry and repetition center me. This process becomes a means of communication—conveying feelings, reminiscing childhood joy, connecting with lost loved ones, and evoking joy and sorrow.

In the quiet of creation, I find temporary peace, grateful for the journey that's made me a better artist today. Yet, as artists, we're never truly 'there,' are we?"

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