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The Five Principles of Karma Yoga






A Karma Yogi is a person who stays fully engaged in the world. 


Understanding the Five Principles of Karma Yoga defines the inner attitude of a Karma Yogi. 


The Five Principles of Karma Yoga based on the teachings of Bhagavad Gita are 

Karma, Dharma, Prasada Buddhi, Vairagya, and Moksha



  • The word vairagya in Sanskrit means non-attachment. 


    We have choices in our actions but do not have control over the results. The result of our actions may bring pain or pleasure but do not bring us everlasting peace. 


    When we practice vairagya, we freely engage with the world without emotional dependence and do not focus on results as our end goal. 



    Mixed Media on hardboard panel


    Image Size

    6" H x 6" W 


    The artwork is original and signed. The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang, and comes with a sleek custom black floater frame that is 1.5 inches deep. 

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