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Trinity: Available 


  • The painting Trinity represents a fusion of motifs from three cultural styles - Savage Tribe, Indian, and Egyptian.


    The representation of Savage Tribe & Egyptian motifs are based on my interpretation from the book 'The Grammar of Ornament' by Owen Jones - first published in England in 1856. The image of the Egyptian priestess, the papyrus reed & the lotus flower are taken from the book 'Civilizations of the World - Exploring the Life, Myth, and Art of Ancient Egypt' by Joann Fletcher. 


    Indian style represents batik art. 



    Acrylic on covered craft paper on hardboard panel


    Image Size

    16 inches W x 20 inches L


    The artwork is original and signed by Vidya Shyamsundar. The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang and also comes with a sleek custom black floater frame that is 1.5 inches deep. The information about the artwork is labeled on the reverse.



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