Mandala & Meditation  

Serenity Series: Serenity #1


Serenity #1

  • Mandala meaning “circles” in Sanskrit, is a centuries old geometric meditative art practiced by Buddhist and Hindu traditions, a spiritual symbol representing the universe. They are viewed as a great tool to meditate and are believed to transmit positive energy to the surroundings. The symmetrical geometric patterns on a mandala help achieve focus and clarity and facilitates the effect of purification and healing.


    Sometimes, going out for a walk in the nature is meditating, and this painting symbolizes the meditative effect through the image of a mandala in a serene setting.


    Acrylic & Pebeo Cerne Relief Outliner on hardboard panel


    Image Size

    6" H x 6" W 


    The artwork is original and signed by Vidya Shyamsundar. The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang and comes with a sleek custom black floater frame that is 1.5 inches deep. The information about the artwork is labeled on the reverse.