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Harmony or Balance?_1

Harmony or Balance Series




Harmony or Balance?_1

  • As we go through life, our priorities change based on what is happening around us. 


    To me, harmony means being deeply connected to what brings us joy. 


    Balance, on the other hand, involves evenly dividing our focus among different aspects of life in pursuit of happiness. However, it's challenging to sustain a perfect balance indefinitely.


    When my daughters were young, my focus was primarily on raising them, leaving me to carve out moments for art in between. With them growing and independent, my focus has shifted, allowing me to dedicate more time to my art. 


    Despite life's interruptions and demands, I have maintained my artistic practice, recently integrating it into my daily routine. I have learned the importance of setting boundaries, seeking assistance with chores when necessary, and letting go of negativity.


    This process, represented by this mini-series, Harmony or Balance? depicts the journey of embracing life's interruptions while prioritizing self-care, ultimately leading to harmony and moments of inner calm.




    Mixed Media on panel


    Image Size

    6" H X  6" W 


    The artwork is original, signed, and varnished for protection. It is wired and ready to hang and has a sleek, 1.5-inch-deep custom black floater frame. 

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