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Falling Homesick

Pieces of My Self-Portrait 






I don’t draw or paint figures. However, the figures I drew, collaged, and painted in the series are my intuitive exploration, representing instances that were significant to me from childhood to motherhood. I needed to embed them with mandalas to narrate my stories.


This series became my first body of work as I emerged from the creative block I experienced in 2022. 


I felt vulnerable, but it was freeing. 

Falling Homesick

  • I came to the United States with my husband in 1999, and I didn't know anyone except my husband. My family in India did not own a phone. But,  the neighbor graciously let my family in when I wanted to speak to them from the U.S. Yet, I had to keep my conversation short because international calls were expensive. I felt homesick and constrained. I had to overcome my culture shock. Everything around me (except my beloved husband) seemed foreign to me. I didn't know that people smiling at me when I passed by them was a simple gesture that I must reciprocate. I had difficulty responding in English since I could not comprehend the accent. Above all, finding Vegetarian Indian food was almost impossible. 


    It's been over two decades since I have lived in the United States. There are times I feel homesick, but not as much. My English is much better now, and numerous Vegetarian choices are available. I can call my family in India and endlessly chitchat on WhatsApp. I have come a long way, and there are boundless opportunities to explore. So, all good :)


    My mandala art is my pathway to connect with my memories and experiences while I am in my art studio.



    Mixed Media on cradled board


    Image Size

    6" H X 12" W X 1.5" D


    The artwork is original and signed.  The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang. No framing is required. 


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