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The Five Principles of Karma Yoga






A Karma Yogi is a person who stays fully engaged in the world. 


Understanding the Five Principles of Karma Yoga defines the inner attitude of a Karma Yogi. 


The Five Principles of Karma Yoga based on the teachings of Bhagavad Gita are 

Karma, Dharma, Prasada Buddhi, Vairagya, and Moksha



  • The word dharma in Sanskrit means adherence to truth in action and conduct. 


    There are two ways to practice righteousness. One way is to listen to our intuition and seek teachers' advice. Another way is to practice non-violence that causes the least possible harm in our thoughts and actions. 


    I grew up in a small village along the Southern coastal region of India until my teenage years. I was raised in a middle-class joint family, meaning three generations (myself and my siblings, parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle) of family members lived together in the same household. My father was the primary breadwinner. My grandmother had a small home-based business selling papads and pickles, my grandfather was retired, my uncle had a disability, and my aunt was an elementary school teacher. My mother was a homemaker. There was no room for discretionary income, and my family was careful with spending but not frugal. My grandmother and mother always offered food to families with trouble meeting their ends.


    I vividly recall an incident. A young family of four strangers stood by our gate, and my grandfather stepped out to inquire about their whereabouts and found that they were homeless and hungry. My grandfather let them sit on our porch until my grandmother and mother brought fresh home-cooked meals and served them. I could still picture the scene in which they sat with their legs crossed on our cement floor; they relished every mouthful of the fresh meal served on a banana leaf. I would call this a "dharmic offering."



    Mixed Media on hardboard panel


    Image Size

    6" H x 6" W 


    The artwork is original and signed. The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang, and comes with a sleek custom black floater frame that is 1.5 inches deep.

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