Anahata: The Heart Chakra 

Energy Centers Series




Heart Chakra

  • The word Anahata means unstuck.


    Rooted at the center of the chest at the fourth thoracic vertebra,  the Heart Chakra supports the functioning of Expansiveness of Feelings. Love at the Heart Chakra nourishes energy between the two people and is different from the sexual love felt in the Sacral Chakra. Sometimes, open communication can result in discomfort or rejection, but it is a risk worth taking when we feel supported.


    Color: Green


    Element: Air


    Crystal: Rose Quartz or Jade


    When our Anahata Chakra is balanced, we experience warmth, joy, acceptance, respect, and support. It is a feeling of peace and harmony between people, which nourishes their relationship. 



    Mixed Media on hardboard panel


    Image Size

    6" H x 6" W 


    The artwork is original and signed. The painting is varnished for protection, wired, and ready to hang and comes with a sleek custom black floater frame that is 1.5 inches deep.