• Vidya Shyamsundar

How would you keep your kitchen organized? What does your kitchen lack?

Are you ready for the holidays? No one can ever be completely ready, but we pull it off with pride and grace every single year, don’t we? The holiday season can be fun, crazy, and most importantly, it is about making memories. With the holidays approaching, there is more hustle and bustle about planning, preparing, and making holiday treats and feasts to share and spread the joy among our family and friends. In my last blog post, I shared a few tips and ideas about how to keep your pantry organized. In this blog, I am taking you to my kitchen. I would love to show you how I keep every single cabinet and drawer organized, but I assume it might appear superfluous. So I am keeping it to a minimum, also sharing a few tips with you along the way.

This is a snapshot of my kitchen. I work hard to keep my kitchen pristine and organized. I have not hired any cleaners, but this is how it looks after my routine deep clean every six weeks.

In my kitchen, I cook fresh food every day. You will hardly find frozen or packaged foods in my refrigerator. So keeping my kitchen clean and organized is a top priority on my daily checklist. I do have a permanent spot for a few appliances on the counter top. In my kitchen, every cabinet is organized and every item has a perfect spot. I can say that if someone new were to use my kitchen, he or she will not have difficulty finding items they need to make a meal.

I covered many of the major tips and ideas about how to keep a pantry organized in my previous blog post. To me, the kitchen is just an extension of the pantry or vice versa.

A few more organizing tips that you may find helpful...

1. Find the perfect spot in your cabinet to house your spices and condiments that you regularly use for cooking or baking.

2. Make sure to have small and medium size jars/containers filled with the same content. Align the small ones in the front and the medium ones rear to them. This way, when it is time to refill your small jars there will always be another one that you can get to easily on the same shelf. This saves you time, and you may add that item on your shopping list if you haven’t stocked up enough in your pantry.

3. Regarding jars/containers, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole batch of canisters. I clean and collect jelly bottles, coffee jars, and marinara sauce bottles once they are empty, and use them to store spices, condiments, flour, lentils etc.

4. Labeling your ingredients truly helps (especially, if multiple people are handling the kitchen) and, making them front faced is very important.

5. Organize your cabinets based on your accessibility and convenience. For example, in my kitchen, coffee, sugar, tea, hot coco, and coffee mugs etc. are placed in the cabinet above my Keurig coffee machine. Wine glasses and beer mugs usually go together. Most of it is common sense, and there is no real magic when it comes to organization. No doubt, keeping your kitchen clean and organized involves maintenance and hard work!

What does my kitchen lack?

Currently, my kitchen lacks one important thing. Artwork! Did you see the blank white wall next to the refrigerator? I am saving money to buy a collection of mini paintings that would perfectly go on that blank wall. I exactly know the pieces that I want to purchase and I have my eyes set on the works of a few fellow artists. We artists try to support one another, and we truly appreciate those who value the time and effort that goes towards making a painting. It’s precious, gratifying, and rewarding!

So, speaking of art… if you may recall, I have been addicted to painting with alcohol inks lately. Once you squeeze a few drops of inks on a non-porous surface, such as Yupo paper, the inks react so quickly and the shapes and patterns they form are so unpredictable. The inks dry out in a matter of seconds, so I get to work my magic with the inks within that tiny window of time. I am drawn to the beauty of the whimsical patterns that inks create, and the fact that everything cannot be controlled the way you want them to be. Check out the Dusk Series of my paintings from my previous blog post, if you may. Below is the 6 paintings of the Dawn Series.

In the year 2020, I will be working on several abstract landscape series with alcohol inks. So, feel free to follow me on social media to check out weekly updates from my studio. Also, in my next post, I will be sharing my new works on Yoga, Meditation, and Mandala Art. Until then, wishing you a wonderful holiday season!



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