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A Summer Break from Social Media, My Summer Story...

I view social media as a great platform to promote my artwork, connect with my viewers, friends, and family. However, the anxiety to keep up with post feeds made me realize that I had to slow down and create some time that would help me identify with how I want to move forward with making and promoting my work. So, here I am, writing my first blog. My goal here is to share with you my summer story which includes a little bit about my home and family, my hobbies and travels, and most importantly, what is happening @vidyashyamsundarart studio. I hope you enjoy getting to know me! :)

A Summer Break from Social Media

This summer I decided to take a break from social media mainly because of two reasons. I wanted to see if I could stay away from the constant anxiety that many of us experience from social media, and I also wanted to see if I could use this break to figure out the next steps I needed to take regarding my art career. This seemed to have worked out well for me!

Summer Fun

The summer flew by so quickly with visits from friends and family, summer camps, a bedroom make-over, a mini family vacation to New Hampshire, and finally, a trip to India to visit my family. My summer time was definitely spent well!

My Teenage Daughter's Summer Goal - A Proud Moment!

Our 14 year-old daughter made the decision of enrolling for a cyber course in Geometry this summer, a one year course condensed into 8 weeks! It was a joy to see her work so hard, giving up most of her summer. It became my duty to make sure she had a special homemade breakfast or lunch everyday. It was so rewarding to see my teenage daughter making matured decisions with no pressure from her parents. She passed the course with a soaring high score of 98% ! She wanted to pass this course so that she would have the opportunity of opting for a higher math class in her senior year. Kudos to her and we are so proud of her success!

Our Tween's Summer Wish - A Bedroom Make-over

Here is a sneak peek of my 9 year-old daughter's bed room make-over ! To view the step by step process, design ideas or information, and before and after pictures, check out my Instagram page vidshomedecor_organization in the next following weeks.

As much as I love painting in my art studio, I also love organizing and decorating spaces. My 9 year-old and I had a summer project planned this summer. She wanted her room decorated based on a TRAVEL theme. We decided to brainstorm and sketch ideas together and, I must say, she certainly had a set vision. We did face a few challenges along the way but overall, it was a fun experience. A happy smile in the end shows that the mom and the daughter duo turned out to be a huge success!

So, what's the news from my art studio?

This summer, I spent less time creating art in my studio. I re-worked on a few paintings for a couple of art shows coming up in September. Then, I decided to take a break from making art and steered more towards thinking and planning. In the past 4 years of art making, I let myself grow as an artist by exploring mandala art, diverse cultural art, and landscapes ( I like using the phrase, soulful landscapes as a way to describe them). However, I always had the feeling that I was in search of something perhaps much more deeper and meaningful which I could not comprehend.

My Trip to India - A Sign of Rejuvenation

As I was getting ready for my trip to India, I picked up a few books on Yoga from Barnes & Noble. I was curious to learn about Yoga not with the intention to join a Yoga class, but to understand why one must practice Yoga. I found it interesting and began to think about integrating mandala art with mindful Yoga. I want to dive more into the topic of Yoga and become more knowledgeable on the subject. It is my personal belief that we must make an effort to discover who we are, taking a moment to identify and separate the bad energy from good energy that is within leads us to think about how we could change and become a better person. After all, self realization leads to a path of enlightenment.

My trip to India was a short, exciting 3 week trip to my hometown Kerala. The most significant part of my trip was that I had the opportunity to partake in my Father's 30th Death Anniversary. I was only 13 years when my father passed away and I held on to all great memories we had made together. I have a great respect for him and I miss him very dearly. A strange thing happened to me the day after my Father's event. I remember this so clearly. As I was waking up I had the feeling that I was asked to paint a series of stories. In a snap, stories began to take shape. Stories that had connected with me, questioned me, and troubled me. I found myself feeling elevated. I ran to grab a piece of paper and a pencil and began to sketch my thoughts before they faded away.

In general, my trip to India gave birth to two new concepts for the year of 2020. Stories that resonate with me, my culture, and my heritage. Perhaps I am getting close to finding the answers I am looking for. After all, experiences of mankind is universal. Isn't it?

Thank You for reading! I hope you come back and check out my next blog coming shortly in October.

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