6' x 6' Mandala Wall Mural 
Moon Yoga Practice Room
Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square, PA 

Photo Credit: Michael Fleck Photography

I absolutely love the mandala that Vidya Shyamsundar painted on the wall of the practice room at our yoga studio. It is truly the centerpiece to our room, and creates the most beautiful focal point for our students. Everyone who sees it is blown away by the intricacies of her work and agrees that the mandala is stunning. 

It was a pleasure to have Vidya do the work for us, and she made it so easy for us to create the atmosphere for our studio that we wanted. She came when she said would, did the work in a timely manner; cleaned up after herself and required no extra effort on our part. I would absolutely recommend Vidya and her artwork to everyone. 

- Lexa, Co-Owner, Yoga Secrets, Kennet Square, PA, March 2019

 3' x 23' Sanskrit Prayer Wall Mural, Salutations to the Goddess of Power
Sun Yoga Practice Room
Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square, PA

Photo Credit: Michael Fleck Photography

The prayer is written in Devanagari script. Devanagari is part of the Brahmic family of scripts originated in ancient India, and the language Sanskrit is one of Devanagari derivations. These verses are taken from Devi Mahathmyam, a Hindu Scripture that praise the supreme power of Goddess Shakthi. 

Meaning of the Mantra 

The Hindu Goddess Shakhi is the personification of cosmic power in female form. She is the goddess of power, strength, and the mother of the universe. She is the embodiment of Rajas meaning Passion; Tamas meaning Darkness; and Sattva meaning Goodness or Purity. She is the power beyond all creation, preservation, and destroyer of all misery. Salutations to you, O Narayini!

Photo Credit: Teresa Haag