6' X 6' Mandala Mural Art Project @ Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square PA 

  It's the first day! It's gesso day! 

Mandalas, meaning "circles" in Sanskrit, are sacred symbols drawn with highly symmetrical geometric patterns. The origination of Mandala date from the 4th century and is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism representing the universe. Although the fundamental concept and meaning are the same, they are called by different names and are made with slight variations depending on the region of origin. In Hindu dwellings, Mandalas are made to decorate entrances or court yards and are viewed as a sign that welcomes people into the home; a tribute to harmonious co-existence; and thought to bring prosperity. 


Artist Vidya' Shyamsundar's mandala drawings evolve at the spur of the moment and she enjoys paying a lot of attention to detail. Vidya, finds the process of creating intricate patterns meditative and relaxing. This 6' x 6' Mandala Mural approximately took 75 hours and was painted in the Moon Room @ Yoga Secrets. 

In Hindu dwellings, Mandalas (known by names such as Kolam, Rangoli, Alpana etc.) are drawn on the floor with rice paste, chalk powder or chalk but are also made with sand, color powder, flowers, or lentils & legumes. Mandalas, in general, are viewed as a great tool to meditate and help balance visual elements symbolizing unity and harmony. They help transmit positive energies to the environment and are believed to effect purification and healing. 

23' x 3' Mural - Salutations to Goddesses @ Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square PA 

 First day. Getting ready to peel the stencil decals off the wall and next, the first coat of gesso goes in 

Salutations to Goddesses verses are being hand written by the artist in Devanagari script. Devanagari is part of the Brahmic family of scripts originated in ancient India and the language Sanskrit is one of Devanagari derivations. The alphabets of the verses are written in Sanskrit.


The meaning of the prayers:


The Hindu Goddess Shakthi is the personification of cosmic power in female form. She is the goddess of power, strength and the mother of the universe. These verses are believed to be from the Devi Mahathmyam Hindu scriptures that praise the supreme power of Goddess Shakthi. She is the embodiment of Rajas meaning Passion; Tamas meaning Darkness; and Satva meaning Goodness or Purity. She is the power beyond all creation, preservation, and destroyer of all misery. Salutations to you, O Narayini!


The Meaning of the Sanskrit Verses and Chanting of the Salutation to Goddess Shakthi

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