About the Mandala Art Workshop 

Workshop Session: 3 Hours . All supplies and materials will be provided by the artist. 

In this Mandala Art Workshop, you will be able to create a beautiful 6"x 6" acrylic painting of a Mandala, which is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe. A mandala is a symmetrical design drawn using geometric shapes and is viewed as a sign of invitation to welcome people into your home; a tribute to harmonious co-existence; and thought to bring prosperity. Artist, Vidya Shyamsundar will walk you through step by step techniques to create this ancient form of geometric Indian art, which is viewed as meditative and spiritual.


This workshop is perfect for anyone, novice or experienced. You will be painting a mandala while listening to meditative music which helps destress and relax your mind. Vidya will also be sharing stories from her culture and heritage, and complimentary Indian Chai and biscuits will be served during the workshop. It will be a whole new level of experience that you can cherish when you walk away with your personal art piece!  

Mandala Art Workshop @ Chester County Art Association, West Chester, PA 

Mandala Art Workshop @ Yoga Secrets, Kennett Square, PA 

Mandala Art Workshop @ Art Fusion, Pottstown, PA 

Chester County, PA | 215.206.4635

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